MKMMA WEEK 12 Something better than Nothing

There is no such thing as something for nothing. We have got to have something to give if we want to live our dreams, and desires in life.  The law of compensation demands payment.  If we desire something, then we must pay a price for it. Doctors  and Lawyers and Professor had to. Even the Free Wi-Fi is paid for by someone or entity.  Nature does not hold one desire in higher regards to another.  The only difference is in the degree of the thoughts that you entertain. The more focused  on a particular thought we are, the better the realization of that thought. When we come to the understanding of the Law of  Compensation, we are able to adjust ourselves within its perimeter and reap what we sow.  Our ability to grow as individuals are in direct correlation with the irresistible and definiteness of all natural laws. Just as we have no choice but to adhere to the laws of gravity and electricity.  I think that one form of payment is by thinking, and focusing our thoughts, to develop in our mind the space needed to solve the most difficult of problems  in life. Man is because he thinks. What we think in clear precise details will be as if it was already there, and you will become whole, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy, which is all any of us really want in life.  I am so happy to know what it is that I do not even know that I  don’t know.

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MKMMA WEEK 11 Cause Effect be Cause!

Our lives are governed by laws and principles that never vary. The effect of a cause can be predetermined because of these laws and principles.  It is Natural law, that when studied with inductive reasoning has brought forth great  progressions in human life. Cause you understand these laws, the effect eliminates uncertainty, and sudden unaccountable changes in mood and behavior. Inductive reasoning is an aid in the concentration of thought. It has been said that What ever we desire,when we concentration on the  thought of that desire, believe that we will receive them, we are to have them. In this wonderful journey of understanding the gift that has been bestowed to us, the truth of all the laws and principles are evident to those of us who seek to understand them.  The edge of the horizon no longer hinders our way. Inductive reasoning has taught us that there is no limits to the possibilities of knowledge, understanding, experiences, particular field of study and or activity. The truth of all thing will be known, and the effect that it will cause will effect another cause and so on and on. We have the power to cause the effect that we desire in our environment. Our  concentration of our thought with inductive reasoning affects our cause.  This is the application of natural laws and principles, that most of us are influenced by everyday, except, we do not think about it.  Right now I think that what I think about is the most important thought that there is. This lesson really has me observing the effects that I cause.

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MKMMA Week 10 Cause It Is So

This weeks lesson was on the subject of  the abundance of everything that has no end and the natural law of growth that is in operation all over the place.  Life is so abundant around us that we take it  for granted and do not hold dear our thoughts.  Everybody knows that these thoughts that we hold will come to us in tens and thousands fold through the creative power of our minds. How sweet it is to be able to have overflowing happiness, harmony,love,strength, and perfection.  Being more part of the whole than you can imagine, because of what we think.  When we see natural things like an Oak tree, most of us are in awe at the size and wonder how long it has been there and why is there so many acorns.  Once we notice an ant mound, we wonder how are these ants finding all this stuff to eat and carry back to their colony?  The natural laws are always working for everything around us. These same laws are working for us also,whether our thoughts are to have or to have not. We can have all that we desire with the correct use of natural laws, and the starting point of it all is in the mind. As a man thinks so shall he be in lavish abundance of profuse portions in accordance to the thoughts that dominate the mind.  Yeah, I know that I have never run out of air to breath, water to drink, food to eat.  Nature has supplied a bountiful cache. Thought is is creative and we must abide by natural laws to create the conditions of growth of what we desire. So, I think I shall use this active form of energy in a more creative way.

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MKMMA-Week 9 Growing Seeds

This weeks study of the law of growth has been eventful.  It explains that this is how we are able to change our conditions in life. In order to change our conditions, we must change ourselves.  To change ourselves, we must hold in our thoughts the desires that are positive and substitute the negative with even more positive thoughts, and affirmations. It has been very clear to me that what ever thoughts that we hold dear or that dominates our thinking GROWS!  The thoughts that we do not hold, or allow to dominate, shrinks, hibernates, stays dormant and does not get to see the light of day.

Just think of a seed.  It has to be in the correct environment, it has to be well nourished, and allowed to grow in order to become the most beautiful flower in the world. The same with our conditions. We have to keep our thoughts in the correct environment by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.  A continued watering of these thoughts with affirmations. Making sure that the thoughts are allowed to take root in our minds, has no choice but to germinate into the desire that we hold dear, and GROW into  the light of day for all to see the authentic beauty within us. Wow! This is such a wonderful thought, imagine that you plant the seed of an oak tree.  Your changed conditions can GROW for years to come!

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MKMMA Week 8 Chicken Little?

This weeks lesson was a struggle for me. I really had to understand whether or not I was using constructive imagination to discover new thoughts and experiences, or was I  merely just daydreaming.  Daydreaming is not constructive, it is the belief in something that is not evident or is mistaken.  I immediately thought about Chicken Little who was running around the barn yard telling every barn yard animal there that the sky was falling in a hectic state of mind.  Chicken Little had no proof what so ever that the sky was falling. He assumed  it by an experience that he had standing under an acorn tree. I am sure that the preparation for the falling sky was his definite major purpose in life.

My study in this lesson has left me with the conclusion that I have a Definite Major Purpose in life that it good for all that it may have an affect on. A Plan of Action to achieve it with daily strengthening of my predominant thoughts through practice.  Cultivation of habits to analyze my every thoughts as creative. Daily exercises of my imagination, which opens new doors and experiences and produces the best returns for my mental labor.  I know that the my dominating thoughts attract to itself the materials needed to manifest themselves into reality. I can be what I will to be, and I must do what I have the power to do, through the Omnipresent, to be, do, and have more. This is not a daydream. Everyday I see evidence of these fruits of labor. I am not a Chicken Little.

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Week 7 MKMMA – Some or Most

Excited about this weeks exercise in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance study. It is about not being negative, and when you catch yourself dwelling on the negative thoughts to start over and complete seven days of no negative thoughts. Easy sounding, should not be hard to accomplish at all. Even though we had been prepared for this exercise with last weeks study, I had to start over seven times in one day. So I decided to stop counting and just start over when ever I had a negative thought. It seemed that there was always something that I could easily be negative about. You see, I am a positive person, just like most people, not like some people who to me seemed REALLY negative.  I ended up telling myself to start over habitually. Was I like most people or some people?  Well, it don’t really matter now because I am all in with this. I know that I do not want to be the negative like what I thought REALLY negative people were. No longer am I going to except what was my perspective as negative, brought about by my previous experiences, to justify not being positive. Go ahead and cut me off in traffic, only to have to stop at the stop sign or light. It don’t bother me if you say something that takes from someone’s good. You can try to get under my skin. I have a mighty shield against you, and even though most of the time silent, I Love You.  I shall awake each day with love in my heart!  It feels so good to be able to look at the man in the mirror and Love him too. This week’s  lesson demanded attention.

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MKMMA Week 6 Question?

Question? How are we able to secure for ourselves the object of our desires?  This desire, which is the effect produced by thought, is dependent on the mechanism that it is attached to.  The brain of man, the organ where the process of thinking occurs, is this mechanism.  Thought must be concentrated on what we desire to give the effect that is most immediately apparent.  Concentrating on a thought, a single thought, for ten minutes is not as easy as it sounds.  I have experienced it for myself.  I have to pay attention to my thoughts because my mind tends to wander.  Well, more like zig-zag, looping,racing ahead, and all types of stuff.  I only noticed by paying attention. Through practice, some amelioration has occurred, and I noticed myself having more control over my mental moods, attitude, and consciousness just as Hannel suggested.  There is still more work to be done, and I am all in, so my will be done.


That a man can change himself, improve himself, recreate himself, control his environment, and master his own destiny is conclusive of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought in constructive action.


So astounding for me this weeks study has been.  I am to meet the stranger of my future self sooner than later.  Are you?

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Week 5 MKMMA Thoughts

Guess what? This week in the MKMMA journey that I have commenced. I just found out that the mind is of hereditary results whether received from our environment such as the thoughts and ideas from others. It is at this point that the “I”, the real “I” really needs to be on guard to what we except as fact. We don’t want bad words and thoughts to become the entertaining thoughts that we believe as true. Also, it explains why the successful are and the unsuccessful are too. Every heard some say “you make me sick”? Our minds have the power to make things come true, so be careful. We can even think ourselves into fear and other negative characteristics. All is not lost though, if you want to do something about your attitude towards life, you have the power within to make a change. Most people , like me ,shall have some heavy shifting to do. The first step is to notice the thoughts that you hold in your mind, and with persistent practice, with some practice,and more practice, the shifting is going to get easier and easier. So, what are your thoughts pertaining to? Are you going to take control of your mind, so that you can unleash that power within you in a beneficial way? I shall!

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MKMMA Week 4

This week lesson has been a new experience for me in that I begin to tie all the exercises together to start the process of completing the whole.  This process has been alien to me, but,” I can be what I will to be.”  The habits that are being created are good habits that I must use to get the success in life that gets me my Personal Pivotal Needs in life that I have been working on adding to the “I” in me.  Everybody knows that the “I” does not mean the body or mind, but rather it is spiritual. The “I” in me has the power to instruct my body to walk down the street.  It has the power to have me think of a plan of action to  develop habits that helps me to not fail. Failure is Alien to my life and I can be what I will to be!   The whole out ways the means. This has been so far the most interesting reads, I am really excited about really understanding more!

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MKMMA Week 3

This week of the journey has been unique. It was like there was someone else who was making time to get things done.  I really had a conversation with myself about what I was supposed to do, I always keep my promises.  Really tried to talk myself out of getting up earlier to start my day.  I was in a dosed state, but I remembered it later on  that day.  The old Blue was trying to win. It was not easy to resist old Blue.  It was saying all the right things that I was literally agreeing with. I remember being in on the same side as old Blue, cause we go way back together through thick and thin.  We were back to our old partnership together.  In that comfort zone where time was moving at the speed that we liked, and we are going to hit the snooze button to get that extra bit of us time. It was going to be so great, me and the old Blueprint.  All of a sudden, I was saying “do it now!” Old Blue got a little upset, it is okay.  I have a New Blueprint to design.   I always keep my promises!

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