Week 1Desire

To achieve happiness for the betterment of mankind,as a team, we must help each other and pass the lessons learned on down throughout the generations to come. This may not be such an easy task for some, but others will pursue the life of happiness that has not been felt before. Knowing that life can be better is the start of it all. Being able to live your bliss is a trait that is sought after by anyone who has a sense of being a better person tomorrow than they are today. What better “job” can there be if one could do something, anything that their hearts desire, and get compensated for it in a manner that for exceeds that which one could attain from a traditional “job”? Could you think of a better position to be in life? I am thinking that one must really know what it is to truly live a life of bliss. A true blissful life that is specific to each individual. How okay would it be to live life in one’s own extraordinary way? What will it mean to one who has never thought to think about life on terms that they choose? This is the thought that I got out of this weeks, week 1 lesson. I did not immediately have this thought or any thought at all besides anxiousness. let me be the one to first say . Well let me think about this a minute.

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