MKMMA Week 3

This week of the journey has been unique. It was like there was someone else who was making time to get things done.  I really had a conversation with myself about what I was supposed to do, I always keep my promises.  Really tried to talk myself out of getting up earlier to start my day.  I was in a dosed state, but I remembered it later on  that day.  The old Blue was trying to win. It was not easy to resist old Blue.  It was saying all the right things that I was literally agreeing with. I remember being in on the same side as old Blue, cause we go way back together through thick and thin.  We were back to our old partnership together.  In that comfort zone where time was moving at the speed that we liked, and we are going to hit the snooze button to get that extra bit of us time. It was going to be so great, me and the old Blueprint.  All of a sudden, I was saying “do it now!” Old Blue got a little upset, it is okay.  I have a New Blueprint to design.   I always keep my promises!

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3 Responses to MKMMA Week 3

  1. Deanna says:

    Love it! Kick that old blueprint to the curb!


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