Week 5 MKMMA Thoughts

Guess what? This week in the MKMMA journey that I have commenced. I just found out that the mind is of hereditary results whether received from our environment such as the thoughts and ideas from others. It is at this point that the “I”, the real “I” really needs to be on guard to what we except as fact. We don’t want bad words and thoughts to become the entertaining thoughts that we believe as true. Also, it explains why the successful are and the unsuccessful are too. Every heard some say “you make me sick”? Our minds have the power to make things come true, so be careful. We can even think ourselves into fear and other negative characteristics. All is not lost though, if you want to do something about your attitude towards life, you have the power within to make a change. Most people , like me ,shall have some heavy shifting to do. The first step is to notice the thoughts that you hold in your mind, and with persistent practice, with some practice,and more practice, the shifting is going to get easier and easier. So, what are your thoughts pertaining to? Are you going to take control of your mind, so that you can unleash that power within you in a beneficial way? I shall!

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6 Responses to Week 5 MKMMA Thoughts

  1. Deanna says:

    You can do it, Ed! Keep following the exercises and the changes will come.


  2. masterkeynow says:

    We are what we think so thoughts need to be chosen to direct us in the right direction.


  3. masterkeytawm says:

    I’ve felt like to lose weight all I had to do was think about it and bam I would. This has been true for me my whole life. I always wondered how I did that and thought it’d be cool to apply it to other parts of my life but it wasn’t until this amazing MKMMA experience that I found that I can. And I will! Love this blog!


  4. Nisa says:

    Congratulate on your discovery Edward… great message 🙂


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