MKMMA Week 8 Chicken Little?

This weeks lesson was a struggle for me. I really had to understand whether or not I was using constructive imagination to discover new thoughts and experiences, or was I  merely just daydreaming.  Daydreaming is not constructive, it is the belief in something that is not evident or is mistaken.  I immediately thought about Chicken Little who was running around the barn yard telling every barn yard animal there that the sky was falling in a hectic state of mind.  Chicken Little had no proof what so ever that the sky was falling. He assumed  it by an experience that he had standing under an acorn tree. I am sure that the preparation for the falling sky was his definite major purpose in life.

My study in this lesson has left me with the conclusion that I have a Definite Major Purpose in life that it good for all that it may have an affect on. A Plan of Action to achieve it with daily strengthening of my predominant thoughts through practice.  Cultivation of habits to analyze my every thoughts as creative. Daily exercises of my imagination, which opens new doors and experiences and produces the best returns for my mental labor.  I know that the my dominating thoughts attract to itself the materials needed to manifest themselves into reality. I can be what I will to be, and I must do what I have the power to do, through the Omnipresent, to be, do, and have more. This is not a daydream. Everyday I see evidence of these fruits of labor. I am not a Chicken Little.

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8 Responses to MKMMA Week 8 Chicken Little?

  1. kzigay says:

    Awesome insight Ed!


  2. Nisa King says:

    Hello Ed, thanks for sharing your experience. You made me feel that I am not alone that I had similar challenges.


  3. masterkeyssquevedo says:

    Good for you, Edward!


  4. masterkeynow says:

    I really had to think about this before I commented. From what I remember of the chicken little story, in her hysteria and that of her friends they rely on the advice of the fox who ends up eating them. I think what we can learn from that story is to not give in to our fears and rely on the power that lies within all of us.


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