MKMMA-Week 9 Growing Seeds

This weeks study of the law of growth has been eventful.  It explains that this is how we are able to change our conditions in life. In order to change our conditions, we must change ourselves.  To change ourselves, we must hold in our thoughts the desires that are positive and substitute the negative with even more positive thoughts, and affirmations. It has been very clear to me that what ever thoughts that we hold dear or that dominates our thinking GROWS!  The thoughts that we do not hold, or allow to dominate, shrinks, hibernates, stays dormant and does not get to see the light of day.

Just think of a seed.  It has to be in the correct environment, it has to be well nourished, and allowed to grow in order to become the most beautiful flower in the world. The same with our conditions. We have to keep our thoughts in the correct environment by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.  A continued watering of these thoughts with affirmations. Making sure that the thoughts are allowed to take root in our minds, has no choice but to germinate into the desire that we hold dear, and GROW into  the light of day for all to see the authentic beauty within us. Wow! This is such a wonderful thought, imagine that you plant the seed of an oak tree.  Your changed conditions can GROW for years to come!

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15 Responses to MKMMA-Week 9 Growing Seeds

  1. masterkey says:

    love your analogy with the seed….I’ve been planting and watering seeds that weren’t the most beneficial for me so I am excited to become a better gardener.

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  2. Great summary to week 9. What we nourish grows…The good or the bad.


  3. masterkeynow says:

    Good to find out we can pull the weeds and grow a better crop.


  4. Nisa King says:

    Thanks Edward for a wonderful recipe “watering the thought with affirmation.” I love it!!!


  5. Ed, I smiled when I read the end of your post – “imagine that you plant the seed of an oak tree. Your changed conditions can GROW for years to come!” I’m living proof of that: I live near Raleigh, The City of Oaks. My husband and I moved here (from southwest Florida) 8 years ago, to be closer to our grown kids and grandkids. Even though I’m in my 60s, I am VERY changed–for the better–since moving here. And finding and participating in the 2015-2016 MKMMA is accelerating my positive growth. Glad we’re journeying together! Keep tending your garden. Your future self and all the people whose lives you’ll help are counting on you.


  6. VirginiaPerl says:

    Wonderful week 9, Ed. Please let me know when you’ve caught up on your blogs. Peace be the journey:)


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