MKMMA WEEK 11 Cause Effect be Cause!

Our lives are governed by laws and principles that never vary. The effect of a cause can be predetermined because of these laws and principles.  It is Natural law, that when studied with inductive reasoning has brought forth great  progressions in human life. Cause you understand these laws, the effect eliminates uncertainty, and sudden unaccountable changes in mood and behavior. Inductive reasoning is an aid in the concentration of thought. It has been said that What ever we desire,when we concentration on the  thought of that desire, believe that we will receive them, we are to have them. In this wonderful journey of understanding the gift that has been bestowed to us, the truth of all the laws and principles are evident to those of us who seek to understand them.  The edge of the horizon no longer hinders our way. Inductive reasoning has taught us that there is no limits to the possibilities of knowledge, understanding, experiences, particular field of study and or activity. The truth of all thing will be known, and the effect that it will cause will effect another cause and so on and on. We have the power to cause the effect that we desire in our environment. Our  concentration of our thought with inductive reasoning affects our cause.  This is the application of natural laws and principles, that most of us are influenced by everyday, except, we do not think about it.  Right now I think that what I think about is the most important thought that there is. This lesson really has me observing the effects that I cause.

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