MKMMA WEEK 12 Something better than Nothing

There is no such thing as something for nothing. We have got to have something to give if we want to live our dreams, and desires in life.  The law of compensation demands payment.  If we desire something, then we must pay a price for it. Doctors  and Lawyers and Professor had to. Even the Free Wi-Fi is paid for by someone or entity.  Nature does not hold one desire in higher regards to another.  The only difference is in the degree of the thoughts that you entertain. The more focused  on a particular thought we are, the better the realization of that thought. When we come to the understanding of the Law of  Compensation, we are able to adjust ourselves within its perimeter and reap what we sow.  Our ability to grow as individuals are in direct correlation with the irresistible and definiteness of all natural laws. Just as we have no choice but to adhere to the laws of gravity and electricity.  I think that one form of payment is by thinking, and focusing our thoughts, to develop in our mind the space needed to solve the most difficult of problems  in life. Man is because he thinks. What we think in clear precise details will be as if it was already there, and you will become whole, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy, which is all any of us really want in life.  I am so happy to know what it is that I do not even know that I  don’t know.

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1 Response to MKMMA WEEK 12 Something better than Nothing

  1. masterkey says:

    I love where you said that ‘Nature does not hold one desire in higher regards to another’. It makes me think of the line ‘as you think, so shall you be’. Many of my siblings study holistic medicine and we discuss often that ‘you are what you eat’ and both of these concepts if truly taken literally and applied into our daily lives could have world changing results. Love your posts!

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