MKMMA Week 10 Cause It Is So

This weeks lesson was on the subject of  the abundance of everything that has no end and the natural law of growth that is in operation all over the place.  Life is so abundant around us that we take it  for granted and do not hold dear our thoughts.  Everybody knows that these thoughts that we hold will come to us in tens and thousands fold through the creative power of our minds. How sweet it is to be able to have overflowing happiness, harmony,love,strength, and perfection.  Being more part of the whole than you can imagine, because of what we think.  When we see natural things like an Oak tree, most of us are in awe at the size and wonder how long it has been there and why is there so many acorns.  Once we notice an ant mound, we wonder how are these ants finding all this stuff to eat and carry back to their colony?  The natural laws are always working for everything around us. These same laws are working for us also,whether our thoughts are to have or to have not. We can have all that we desire with the correct use of natural laws, and the starting point of it all is in the mind. As a man thinks so shall he be in lavish abundance of profuse portions in accordance to the thoughts that dominate the mind.  Yeah, I know that I have never run out of air to breath, water to drink, food to eat.  Nature has supplied a bountiful cache. Thought is is creative and we must abide by natural laws to create the conditions of growth of what we desire. So, I think I shall use this active form of energy in a more creative way.

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1 Response to MKMMA Week 10 Cause It Is So

  1. masterkey says:

    It is wonderful to have ‘overflowing happiness, harmony,love,strength, and perfection’!


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